Geodetic software

Software Company
ul.Polna 3, 05-806 Komorow, POLAND
tel/fax +48 (22) 759-12-18

Our company makes software for surveyers (geodesy). To be more specific we make simple, low cost, easy to understand and operate programs for small surveying companies. Our main products are:

Winkalk - ObliczeniaWinKalk - all-purpose calculation program for surveyers (COGO, transmission from and to electronic totalstations and registrators, network optimization, reports, sketches etc.)

Mikro Map - widok ogólnyMikroMap - CAD-like vector graphics program, designed purposely for making small maps and sketches, includes also Digital Terrain Model and raster operations.

What is really unique in our programs is their simplicity - even a real "computer dummy" can quickly learn to operate our programs. They are very popular in Poland - so far almost 4 thousand copies sold!

About languages: the origin country of the program is Poland, we don't expect many of you to understand Polish language, byt we also have german and lithuanian version, currently we also work on english translation.

If you are interested in further information, obtaining demo, pricing (each program cost about $100), ordering (we accept all main credit cards) do not hesistate to contact us: email:

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